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How to buy stuff on sale – even when it’s not

Of course, the best way to find great deals is to use SearchTempest to search craigslist and eBay. But occasionally I admit it makes sense to buy from an old-fashioned store. (Like Best Buy for example. 🙂 ) A few months back I was helping my sister find a new laptop. She was on a tight budget, so did a bunch of shopping around and eventually found one that fit the bill at Best Buy. And it was on sale – perfect. Didn’t get a chance to tell her until the next day though, and the sale price had vanished from the website. No worries. I just pulled up Google and did a search for that product. For example, HP E-350 laptop site:bestbuy.com Then, I opened the cached version of that page. Generally Google’s cache has a couple of days’ delay, so there was the sale page. All my sister had to do was print off that page and take it in, and they gave her the sale price, no problem. Got me thinking, you could take this a step further. Before buying any new electronics, why not head over to the wayback machine and see if it’s been on sale recently? Even if they won’t give you the sale price, you might get some bargaining room, and at the very least, you’ll know whether it might be worthwhile to wait for the price to drop again. Related tip: before buying a common product on eBay, be sure to search for it in ‘completed listings’ (under their advanced search). You’ll see what prices they’ve sold for recently, which can help you make a smart bid!