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  1. Wayne Johnson

    Today is 9/10. I searched for a boat and found many listings BUT none was more recent than 8/24. Why the big delay. An almost 3 week lag rules out any good results.

    in the same line. I posted and item for sale on about 8/28 via Search Tempest. It is on Craig’s list but still doesn’t show up in a Search Tempest search.

    What’s going on.

    1. Nathan Post author

      First, thanks for posting a comment here. This link is supposed to open up searchtempest blog posts, but appears to be broken! We’ll get that fixed.

      Regarding your question, it’s definitely unusual that there would be that much of a delay. I’ve double checked though, and we are showing everything that Google is sending us. We have noticed in general that Google isn’t providing great results for craigslist searches anymore, which is why we recently added Bing-powered results after the Google ones. You may find them more useful. If so, you could change your sort order to Best Match to skip straight to the Bing results, rather than having to go through all the cities from Google.

      If you don’t find the Bing results great either, the next thing to try would be our Direct Results, which you can read about here: http:// They will definitely find everything, but take a bit longer to look through.

      I hope that helps!

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