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Hi, I’m Nathan, founder of SearchTempest and AutoTempest.

Back in late 2006, I was doing my Master’s degree in electrical engineering in Waterloo, Ontario. It was a hot summer, and being a broke student, I was scouring craigslist for a used portable air conditioner on the cheap. Several times a day I would check the 5 or so craigslist cities within driving distance. I quickly grew impatient with this, likely because it was about 90 degrees in my apartment. 🙂 (32 for the other Canadians here.)

Now, the nice thing about a Master’s degree is that there’s only one deadline that really matters, and it’s not generally any time soon.  So I decided to take a bit of time and come up with a solution to my craigslist problem. Not knowing a thing about web design, I got a few books out of the library, and after some hard work, I came up with…. this!


Sweet, huh? 😉

Fortunately I eventually learned a few things, and more importantly got some help from a few fantastic developers who will introduce themselves below. We made a few improvements over the years, so today it’s a bit more presentable!

So, these days I do this stuff full time. This blog will mostly just have sporadic announcements regarding the sites themselves – new features, plans, decisions, etc., – but if you’re interested, we’ll also try to give you a bit of a behind the scenes perspective.



mattDuring a degree in Kinesiology, in between studying exercise physiology, psychology and standing on the side of rugby pitches in the rain waiting to stuff a tampon up the next bloody nose, I was fortunate enough to find something I really enjoyed doing – designing for the web. I love working with the rest of the Tempest Team to make the interfaces of our sites intuitive and enjoyable to use. Outside of my time here, I enjoy involvement within my church, riding bicycles quickly (road cycling is my current favourite), running some of the beautiful trails of Vancouver Island and time spent with family.


Hi, Tony here!


I started out as an accountant in my early careers. I played around with coding on my free time and I totally fell in love with it when a friend of mine showed me a poker app she made. I was inspired to make my own one day! Currently I’m a web developer here at Tempest working alongside  awesome teammates. Outside of work I’m a dedicated volleyball player, a part-time dog owner, and a casual hiker. 


Hey, I’m James

A fairly new addition to the team, I’m a full-stack developer who’s been loving working at Tempest since the beginning of 2017. My career has been a bit less varied than the majority of the team thus far, as I spent most of the last decade working at Queen’s University, until I caught a bit of a travel bug and moved out to the west coast after nearly 30 years in Eastern Ontario.

One year there seemed like enough, so I’m right back where I came from- but I sure am glad I made the trip, because I found Tempest while out there!


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