How to Follow Tempest

As you may notice scanning the dates below, we’re not blogging here very often anymore! But we’re certainly still very active working on and

We blog about AutoTempest and car buying in general at the AutoTempest Blog.

You can give us feedback and follow our progress on AutoTempest here, and on SearchTempest here.

And here are some of our other social channels:

  • AutoTempest Facebook – news about the site and things we find interesting in the automotive world.
  • AutoTempest Instagram – Founder Nathan’s track and Autocross shares for now. Planning to add some more content here soon, including particularly cool listings you can find on AutoTempest.
  • AutoTempest Twitter – Tweets, I guess.
  • SearchTempest Facebook – news about SearchTempest development, and another avenue to contact us.
So, while we may not be blogging here too often, rest assured we’re still working hard to make the sites as good as they can be, and please feel free to contact us via any of those other channels, or by email!