My new workspace

In case anyone’s interested in a small glimpse into my life, I just finished the little details of setting up my new workspace (just moved a few weeks ago) and figured I’d share.

My Desk

OK, honestly, it’s because it’s the first time I’ve ever done proper cable management. Here’s how it looked before. 🙂 And yes, it’s always that clean now. … Yep. At least, when I take pictures of it, it is. Just don’t pan to the right or left at all. Or down. But otherwise, veeeery tidy.

The desk is a NextDesk Terra, which I don’t love everything about, but the huge surface and sit/stand adjustment are great. Monitors are BenQ BL2710pt, which I do love everything about. Except the OSD I suppose, but you pretty much use that once ever, so I can live with it. 😉 Great review of it here if you’re interested. PC is a Sandy Bridge home build from about three years ago in a Fractal Design Define case, which has been great. (I like things quiet, so probably spent more time picking out the case, fans, and PSU than the primary components…)

Oh, and the kid on the calendar and the Amazon gift thing on the desk is my daughter, Lila. In fact, that one deserves a closeup. 🙂

Christmas Elf

The toys you’d see on the floor if you had panned down before are (mostly) hers too.

And that’s about it! Welcome to my little world.


4 thoughts on “My new workspace

  1. Zuber

    Nathan, read your original piece on the Terra Nextdesk and I see you now have a triple monitor arrangement. I’m shopping for a sit/stand desk for a 6 x 24″ display setup (3 wide, 2 tall on something like a Ergotech Hex stand). Do you feel like there could sway or wobble issues with that?

    Thanks for all the info you’ve shared. Very helpful.

    1. Nathan Post author

      I couldn’t say… I don’t have any problems with my setup, so I expect it would be fine, but that would be a lot more height than my 27s.

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