Performance Improvements

We’ve just finished some pretty major changes behind the scenes to improve performance from the new 3taps-powered ‘Separate Cities’ results. If all goes well, you shouldn’t see any difference… except for a much snappier site. If you do run into any new problems, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll take care of them asap!

5 thoughts on “Performance Improvements

  1. Bart Eleveld

    Your “Launch Results” link is no longer visible. It’s there, and it works when you click on it, but it’s invisible.

    1. Tempest Nathan Post author

      Ack, thanks. Looks like internet explorer wasn’t rendering the background properly, so you just saw white text on white background. Should be better now.

  2. Daniel C

    Sorry, I should specify that my previous comment is for AutoTempest. From a quick check, it seems that SearchTempest is filtering correctly. Thanks

  3. Daniel C

    The Separate Cities option for Craigslist doesn’t seem to support choosing “private seller” vs “dealer” any longer. It just returns results for all, no matter what you select. It would be great if that feature could be restored. Thanks, I appreciate your site a lot.

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