Now you can save your searches in AutoTempest!

If you’ve been using SearchTempest for a while, you’re probably familiar with its My Searches feature. It automatically saves your recent searches so you can access them later without having to fill out the entire search form again. It also lets you tag your searches as favorites, so those searches will be saved forever (or at least until you don’t want them anymore). It’s handy if you run the same search pretty frequently, or if you are jumping back and forth between searches.

If this is the first you’re hearing about this feature, then you should totally try it out. You can access it by clicking that little yellow star just above the search button on the SearchTempest home page.

Why am I bringing this up? Because we just brought that same feature over to AutoTempest, that’s why. You can find it in the navigation bar at the far right. So now your favorite used car search just got that much more awesome.

Eventually, we’d like to add to both SearchTempest and AutoTempest the ability to login to those sites and save your searches so you can access them from a different computer too. Keep an eye out for that in the not so distant future!

If you’re new to AutoTempest and would like to know about it, keep reading after the jump.

Everyone’s ideal car is out there. You just need to find yours. AutoTempest brings together the most used car listings from around the web, searching craigslist®, eBay Motors, and others to help find the ideal car for you.

No need to enter the same search over and over again in different sites. With AutoTempest, you search them all with just one click.

No need to hunt for reviews matching the car you’re looking for. Our search function automatically brings up these reviews to match the vehicle you’ve specified.

No need to scour the web (or pay!) for useful and relevant car buying resources. We’ve created advice packed articles to help you with your car buying (and selling). Not to mention the handy tools for getting insurance quotes and prices on new cars.

All so you can find your ideal car. Give AutoTempest a try.

1 thought on “Now you can save your searches in AutoTempest!

  1. Collin Higgins

    Yup, good point, occu. Anybody know WHY the CL search is set up the way it is? I absolutely refuse to try and search cars there. I search them all across the country. And I’ll look in Canada too if they are listed like they were on Jaxed. Try that sometime on CL. Think I’ll start my own car site!

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