More AutoTempest Improvements – Making things even easier for Canadian car buyers

As you know, we’re on a mission to make used car buying the easiest, fastest most efficient process possible with our used car search engine AutoTempest.

With that said, constant improvements are the name of the game!

As someone who lives in Canada, ever feel like our friends south of the border have it WAY easier when it comes to finding a used car? We certainly thought so, and we’re pleased to say, no more!

Canadian car buyers – AutoTempest is here for you. Here are the 2 major improvements we’ve just made…

A new car classifieds addition

AutoTempest already searched Craigslist and eBay north of the 49th, but we’ve now added the #1 used car classifieds site in Canada, to the AutoTempest car search platform as well.

When you search used cars online with AutoTempest, you’ll now get an even greater volume of listings in Canada.

Improved search results for Canadian postal codes

But what if you’re planning to look across the border too? As we all know, there are some great deals to be had by buying a used car in the States. Well, AutoTempest now supports Canadian postal codes, even for sites like and CarsDirect that only operate on the US side of the border.

No more wasting time figuring out and looking up nearby zip codes in the US… perhaps while cursing the fact that the only ZIP code you can seem to remember is 90210! AutoTempest will now automatically find the zip code of the border crossing nearest to you and use that for any sites that require a zip. So if you’re like many, curious about the incredible car deals you hear about down in the States, AutoTempest will give you the straight goods, as always, all in one place.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Canadian improvements… let us know in the comments.