What We’re Doing with Your Feedback

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new AutoTempest design! You have no idea how helpful it’s been for us. Seriously, you guys rock.

From listening to what you guys have been saying, we’ve garnered that you don’t much care for being sent to the landing tab after you make a search. So we’re getting rid of it, easy as that. Now when you make a search, you’ll be given listings instantly, not having to worry about clicking through to another tab to get what you came for. To make up for some of the functionality lost with the landing tab, we’ll be adding a toolbar to the bottom of the page that will allow you flip through the tabs, adjust your search settings, and access a tips page that will give you pointers for using AutoTempest more efficiently. Lastly, we’ll be adding a Getting Started guide to assist those who need a bit of a helping hand using our application.

So, thanks again for your feedback, and keep it coming!

3 thoughts on “What We’re Doing with Your Feedback

  1. Court Demone Post author

    Hi Sandy!

    Since each Craigslist acts more or less independently from the rest, I don’t think there’s a way to flag them all at once. What you could try is submitting a message to the folks at Craigslist asking them to go through and pull the ad from all the cities. You can find their contact form here.

    Hope that helps Sandy!

  2. Sandy

    The ad “2006 John Deere 4120… $5200” has been posted in multiple cities. I replied to this ad saying I would like to see it and was told it was in Grand Rapids and he would guarantee it. He also stated paypal would hold the money until I received it. He would ship it free of charge and was eager to close the deal. I believe this is a scam and similar ones like this are out there too. I only checked this particular one out. I flagged several cities but after running it on search tempest, there were so many I would spend an entire day. Any suggestions on how to flag them all? Good luck out there!

    1. Tempest Nathan

      Honestly I’d say just flag however many you feel like. Other people will notice it too and flag others. Once enough people do, they should be automatically removed. Being so huge, craigslist relies on that kind of community self-policing to try and keep spam levels low. (Of course, unfortunately those spammers are a persistent bunch..)

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