New AutoTempest Version and Future Plans

The new version of AutoTempest came out of beta today. It’s got more new features than I can list here, so you’d best just check it out. 🙂

A few of the new thing though, are

  • Super-awesome new styling
  • Automatically pulls up reviews, buying guides, pricing guides, and more, matching your search
  • Now has a ton of useful info an recommendations on everything from vehicle shipping to car insurance

I hope you like it! We’re not done yet though. Coming soon is better support for Canada, more sites in the results, and the ability to search multiple models at the same time!

6 thoughts on “New AutoTempest Version and Future Plans

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  2. Pete Poole

    I really like SearchTempest, however the new version seems to have some issues, I routinely search for older classic cars between X and Y years and with the new engine I get EVERYTHING I don’t want too. I’d be happy to just use the old version it didn’t seem to have this bug. If you fix the new one good on you but make the old version available till you do please.

    1. Tempest Nathan Post author

      Can you give me the url of the results page for your search, and point out an ad that appears but shouldn’t? It seems to be working properly for me, and not much was changed on the back-end of the site, so the results should be the same. As soon as I have a specific example though, I should be able to track down the problem and fix it.
      Without anything else to go on, the craigslist tab is limited in the number of years it can filter, just because craigslist can only handle a certain length of keyword string. I think it’s a maximum of a 10 year range before it just shows them all. But that was the case in the old version too, so not likely your problem.

  3. Tempest Nathan Post author

    You’re right, it looks like craigslist isn’t getting the keywords. Don’t worry though, I’ll have it fixed in a sec – probably long before you read this. 🙂 One thing to keep in mind by the way (same as the old site). By default the craigslist tab searches titles only. Not everyone would put diesel right in the post title, so you may want to uncheck the titles only box in the yellow form at the top of the page.

  4. T. Ellinger

    I don’t know why the sight was changed!???
    When I search now for a Dodge, ANY, DIESEL 1989-1993
    Craigslist gives me every friggin Dodge out there, but not diesel like it used to.
    It gives me the right selection on ebay, but it doesn’t work on craigslist.
    I’m searching for 89-93 D-250-D350 cummins diesel, I used to be able to type in diesel and only diesel equipped trucks would come up on craigslist, now I’m getting every dodge like caravan dakota ect NOT diesel trucks!!!???

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