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SearchTempest is now sporting a flashy new +1 button, courtesy of Google. Learn all about it here. (Then head over to SearchTempest and click it.. 😉 ) Took the opportunity to improve the look of the Facebook like button too. (Almost up to 5000 likers there!) Granted, ways to share SearchTempest with your friends probably aren’t the most exciting news in the world, but I certainly appreciate it if you make use of them! The more people use it, the more resources I can put into making it awesome, after all.

3 thoughts on “+1 This

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  2. Andy Williams

    I love SearchTempest and I pass it on to everybody that I come in contact with who uses eBay and Craigslist. There is one feature that I wish was part of my craigslist search. I collect old Sears tractors and when I find one of interest I have no way of keeping track like I do on eBay. I like the “My eBay” watched items feature and wish that there was a way to do the same for Craigslist. Maybe there is a way and I don’t know about it!



    1. Tempest Nathan Post author

      Hi Andy,

      I think the best way would be to make use of RSS feeds, and Google Reader’s ‘starred items’. First, run your search as usual on SearchTempest. Then click the RSS feeds link at the top-right of the results page. That page explains how to set up the feeds.
      Then you can get all your search results in Google reader, where you can ‘star’ the ones that interest you!

      (That’s if you want to save a lot of items. If it’s only occasional, the easiest thing would be to use the ’email to a friend’ link at the top of the craigslist ad and just email it to yourself.)

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