SearchTempest vs The Rest just wrote an article comparing several craigslist search sites. Naturally SearchTempest was first on the list. 🙂 What struck me though were the cases made for some of the other sites. Crazedlist – has some of the features of SearchTempest, but ‘provides instructions that will help you’ get around blocks imposed by craigslist. That’s great, except that their instructions only work for Firefox, and besides, with SearchTempest things just work – no fiddling with your browser required. Doesn’t sound like much of a selling point! Craigzoom and Search All Craigs – these sites are both essentially front ends on top of Google custom searches. And that’s a good idea. In fact, SearchTempest also lets you tap into the power of Google. Just click the ‘All Cities Together’ tab on the results page. Only with SearchTempest, you still have access to all your advanced search options – particularly the ability to search by distance from your zip code, or pick and choose which cities to search. (Or, of course, search everywhere, if that’s what you want!) You can’t be everything to everyone, but we do try! 🙂

4 thoughts on “SearchTempest vs The Rest

  1. Devyn

    I have used and Both are okay, but I now use So far, I like it better.

    1. Tempest Nathan Post author

      Hmm, looks alright. It appears that there’s a delay in however they get their craigslist data though. I just did a test search for BMW Z4 and 3 out of the first 4 posts I clicked on were expired. That’s one nice thing about SearchTempest – you see the results straight from craigslist, so you know they’re up to date.

      Still, different tools appeal to different people so obviously use what you like! 🙂

    2. Tempest Nathan Post author

      Actually, looks like that site’s still a bit buggy too. The control to change the location appears to be broken. Plus my Z4 test search gave me a total of 10 craigslist results, while craigslist (and searchtempest) come up with many hundreds.

      That wouldn’t happen to be your site, would it? 😉

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