Older News

Even more old news from the ancient days of pre-blog:

    • Update: April 4, 2008


      I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but SearchTempest has been completely redesigned. Functionality is largely the same, with a few added tidbits (like the new keywords functions) and some stuff under the hood.

      Hopefully the most obvious difference, though, is the all-new, streamlined, slick, hopefully-user-friendly interface! It’s been fully tested on Firefox 2 (Mac and Windows) and IE 6 and 7, as well as visually checked on a number of other browsers. However, if you notice anything hinky (or janky), please let me know – I’ll get it fixed right quick. 🙂

      Now go forth! Search Craigslist!

    • Update: Feb. 6, 2008

      Craig’s Helper KIJIJI!!

      You asked, and I … finally… delivered! The beta version of Craig’s Helper Kijiji is here!

      For those who don’t know what Kijiji is, it’s basically a Craigslist clone, made by eBay (who own 1/4 of Craigslist. Heh..) You can check them out here. Anyway, it shares Craigslist’s fatal flaw (I’m sure you know what I mean.. :-)), hence the site.

      Keep in mind it’s still in Beta, so I haven’t prettied it up yet, but it should be working, so if it isn’t, please let me know!

      Alright, enjoy!

      Upcoming Changes

      SearchTempest.com will soon be getting a facelift! Nothing too drastic – want to keep everything nice and functional (want to improve it a bit actually), but it would be nice to pretty-up the main page a bit. That’s all I’ll say for now.. 🙂

      Also, this isn’t really upcoming, but the switch over to JTLNet is complete. A few stumbling-blocks, but nothing too bad, and their support’s been good. Plus, according to the poll, it’s faster too! Also, I’ve switched all my domains over to NameCheap, so I now have no connection to GoDaddy.

    • Update: Jan. 5, 2008

      Thank you!

      I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who uses the site and recommends it to their friends. I love reading forums where the conversation goes something like…

      • Does anybody know how to search more than one craigslist city at once?
      • Try www.SearchTempest.com
      • Thanks dude!
      • You rule man!
      • Whoa, that’s helpful.
      • Thanks!

      It’s rewarding, I guess you could say. :-) Special thanks to WarDriver, whoever you are. WarDriver’s signature in forums across the interweb reads

      The ONLY way to search Craig’s List.

      That’s just cool.

      HanksHelper Vehicle Search going strong

      It’s still in beta, but it’s quickly becoming cool. :-)
      Go check it out!

      Hosting Problems Resolved

      I’ve decided to switch to JTLNet. I’ll let you know how it goes. There may be a brief outage during the switchover, but I don’t expect so. Will keep you posted.

  • Update: Dec. 9, 2007

    As some of you noticed, the site has been down for a period of several hours today. Allegedly the results script suddenly put a huge strain on GoDaddy.com’s servers, causing them to shut down Craig’s Helper with absolutely no advance warning.

    I am not showing any increase in traffic today, so I can only conclude that GoDaddy.com is ahem mistaken. I currently have the site on a lifeline, running some of it off my home server, until I find alternate hosting. If you appreciate Craig’s Helper, and don’t appreciate this wanton abuse of power by GoDaddy.com, it might be appropriate to write to them to express your (entirely justifiable) outrage. 😉

    You should be able to continue using the site as normal, and I will make every effort to find a permanent solution asap. Oh, and if you did happen to hammer the site with thousands of requests yesterday… kindly let me know. 😉

    Another update: The site is working in Firefox now, but not yet in IE. I hope to have both operational again very soon.

  • Update: Nov. 26, 2007

    The new site is now up in beta form! It’s not yet perfect by any means, and I’m still actively working on it, but I expect it’s useful in its current form. Therefore.. I present it to you! Go find your next car at…

    Hank’s Helper!

  • IT WORKS!!!

    Most important of all my news, Craig’s Little Helper now works with Internet Explorer! Firefox is still far superior, and will run faster, but since many people are unable to install Firefox (at work, etc), this should be a big help!

    Go tell all your friends! 😉

  • Next thing is, in response to the frequent requests I get for a tool to manage Craigslist ad campaigns, and also admittedly because ads=money (although the first thing’s true too! :-)), I’ve decided to put up a couple of banners for AdsOnCraigs.com. It’s not free, but if you do a lot of business on craigslist, it may be what you’re looking for.

  • Thing the third! It seems a lot of people use my site here to search for cars. That got me thinking… Much like there are 14,000 different craigslist cities, you’ll find at least 14,000 (or maybe 5-10..) sites online with used car listings. (AutoTrader, Cars.com, CarsDirect, etc.) That’s no good.

    So.. I am well on the way to rectifying that problem. I won’t say too much now, but check back here occasionally – I hope to have it up in beta form soon.