CraigsHelper is now SearchTempest

CraigsHelper is changing its name (and website domain) to

But I like the old name!

And so do I! However, there were a number of good reasons for this change. It boils down to two main ones though:

  1. offers more than just basic craigslist searches. Of course I will absolutely continue to focus on the making craigslist searches easier. But at the same time I will keep working on making all aspects of your online shopping experience better, and it makes sense for the name to reflect that.
  2. This is the big one. Craigslist doesn’t like related sites that use their ‘Craig’ name. And that’s only fair. As always, I try to do everything possible not to irritate the big guy. The site hasn’t drawn his wrath yet, and this change is an important step to keep it that way.

So I hope that clears things up a bit. I know you’ll miss the old name, and so will I. But SearchTempest will continue to offer everything that made CraigsHelper great, so I’m confident you’ll grow to like it just as much. :-)

If you have any other thoughts or questions, I always welcome your feedback!